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Practice Chanters

Walsh Poly Standard $109.00

Walsh Poly Long $125.00

Walsh Poly Child's $105.00

Hardie TT Poly Standard $80.00

Hardie TT Poly Long $115.00

Hardie TT Poly Long with engraved nickel ferrule and imitation ivory sole $169.00

McCallum Poly Long $115.00

McCallum Poly Standard $79.00

McCallum Poly Standard (Red, Green or Blue) $90.00

Strathmore Blackwood Long $325.00


      Hardie Twist Trap Poly $80.00


Hardie Twist Trap Poly Long with engraved ferrule and imitation ivory mount $169.00


Hardie Twist Trap Poly Long $115.00 

Pipe Chanters

McCallum Poly Ceol Band Chanter $215.00

McCallum Poly Gandy Solo Chanter $215.00

McCallum Blackwood Gandy Solo Chanter $400.00

Hardie Infinity Poly Solo Chanter $225.00

Hardie Infinity Blackwood Solo Chanter $450.00

R.J. MacLeod Blackwood Solo Chanter $425.00

Strathmore Blackwood Solo Chanter $439.00

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