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Walsh Poly Smallpipes in A or Bb


Mouthblown Smallpipe in the Key of A or Bb full and well-balanced with bass, baritone

and tenor drones. Plastic Parts including the drone reeds which are “built into” each drone individually. Walsh Drone Adaptor which enables easy access to the drone reeds. Compact 

water trap in theblowpipe stock. Smallpipe covers available in black, green or blue.

Walsh Poly Retro Pipes 


Mouthblown small pipe in the Key of A, Bflat or D with well-balanced Tenor and Bass 

Drones. Plastic Parts including drone reeds which are built-into each drone individually. 

Compact water trap in the blowpipe stock. Easy to play small pipe with very little 

maintenance. Smallpipe covers available in black, green or blue.


Hand engraved nickle stock ferrules in Celtic or Thistle Design

Add $95.00

Adjustable Blowpipe Upgrade (oval or round)

Add $65.00

Soft-sided carrying case

Add $49.00

Extra Smallpipe or Retro Pipe chanter reed

Add $22.00

Extra set of drones tongues

(Retro Pipes) add $18.00

(Three drone smallpipes) add $27.00

Hardie Twist Trap Smallpipes

Twist-Trap Practice Pipes are a set of mouth blown smallpipes incorporating a long practice chanter and two drones. They produce a softer more mellow tone in comparison to the Highland Bagpipes and pitch in the key of A (440Hz), a general tuning standard for many musical instruments. They are fun to play on their own or in a group setting along with other instruments.

Twist-Trap Practice Pipes allow beginners to start playing on a mouth blown instrument that closely resembles the Highland Bagpipes.

Twist-Trap Practice Pipes are not just for beginners however, Pipers of all abilities can appreciate the sound, making practice time that much more enjoyable.

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