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Top Selling Products!

Sticks and Drum Pads

KP2 sticks $28.00

TyFry Ultimate tenor sticks $92.00

Bass sticks-various colours $42.00

Cameron drum pad $42.00

*These are only a sampling of the sticks and pads available at Brown Bagpipe Supply. Email

us if you're looking for an item not listed above.

Heads and Snares

Premier HTS top snare $35.00

Premier HTS bottom snare $35.00

Remo Cybermax snare drum head $75.00

Core-tec snare drum head $79.00

Aquarian clear bottom head $22.00

Remo 28" white bass drum head $50.00

Premier 28" white bas drum head $59.00


Please call or email for a quote on drums.


Black aluminum snare snare drum carrier $189.00

Black aluminum bass carrier $199.00

Kilpatrick snare harness $495.00

Standard black 3 point tenor drum sling $59.00

Hosbilt black 3 point tenor drum sling $75.00

Economy hardshell snare drum case $79.00

Protechtor hardshell snare drum case $119.00

Economy hardshell 18" tenor drum case $79.00

Economy hardshell 16" alto drum case $79.00

Economy hardshell bass drum case $139.50

Deluxe snare drum stand $99.00

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