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~In Stock Pipes~

~Vintage MacPherson Bagpipes~


These blackwood highland bagpipes are mounted with full imitation ivory. This package includes a SE Bannatyne hybrid bag, the original blackwood chanter, Canning Blue drone reeds, a cane chanter reed, a bottle style water trap, drone cords, bag cover and a used backpack style case.

*Pictures available by request* 

 ~Redpipe Classic~


Electronic Bagpipe for Scottish and medieval music

with Scottish, shepherd's pipe, Huemmelchen and medieval fingering

leather bag in red or black.

The Redpipe classic is a model without a blowpipe. The leatherbag is stuffed with filling material.

The bourdons/drones, the chanter and the overblowing function are pneumatically controlled by pressing the bag. The amount of pressure, which is necessary to get the instrument going is adjustable to individual needs. So, the instrument can be played without applying a lot of pressure to the bag.


open, half open - Scottish (GHB), chromatic, vibrato, Shepherd's pipe, Huemmelchen and Dudey, Renaissance, medieval Bagpipe ( in minor) and Gaita.


Scottish Highland Bagpipe (GHB), Smallpipe, medieval bagpipe and Gaita. The sound is sampled from the original pipes. The sounds are microprocessor controlled and are modified along the keys.

 Real Bagpipe Sound:

With a traditional bagpipe the tone is in the beginning and the end of a tune a bit lower depending on the appropriate air pressure in the bag. This typical characteristic of a traditional bagpipe is part of the Redpipe functionality.


Keys can be modified in halftone steps.


The factory setup of the Redpipe is A 440 Hz . If modifications are necessary, while playing together with other instruments, the Redpipe can be adjusted.

The pitch setting is global and does not depend on what instrument has been chosen. Keys can be switched and the total setup is still consistent with other instruments.

~Used David Naill Bagpipes ~


These pipes are fitted with imitation ivory mounts and nickle slides and are being sold as sticks, stocks and poly McCallum chanter.

*Pictures available by request*

~Derek Marr Bagpipes~


These new pipes look great and have a full, rich sound. The package includes a standard zippered Bannatyne Bag, a poly Ayrfire solo pipe chanter, Eezedrone reeds, a cane chanter reed, drone cords, bag cover and basic hard shell pipe case.

 *Pictures available by request*

* Brown Bagpipe Supply has additional sets of new and used pipes arriving weekly.

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